Cyberex FaultGuard Remote Power Panel (RPP) key applications:

The FaultGuard™ RPP with ABB ProLine Panelboard provides a flexible, reliable, and safe solution for electrical distribution on the data center floor. The RPP’s integral panelboard features touch safe, plug-in branch circuit breakers, designed for the most mission critical applications.  The RPP supports a wide range of applications including data centers, hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing and other installations where continuous power is critical to a facility's mission.  

Data Center: Mission critical facilities used to house computer, network, data storage, telecommunications, and other vital systems that require constant power with no interruptions.

Hospitals: Health care institutions that require constant power with no interruptions to data and records management.

Manufacturing/Business Operations: When manufacturing and business operations failure is not acceptable due to vital functions are critical in nature require constant power with no interruptions.

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