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Power protection solutions for the food and beverage industry

Why power protection is important for food and beverage businesses

The way we process and package our food has undergone a revolution with increased levels of automation, monitoring and information systems. This has been driven by not only productivity improvement, but also by a host of food safety requirements. Due to the high degree of automation, such facilities are extremely sensitive to power quality events.

With these changes, a high quality of electrical power becomes business critical. This means that food and beverage companies must carefully consider their approach to power protection, as power outage, sags or other voltage disturbances can result in tripping or failure to critical equipment.  As a result, depending on the particular process costs relating to product loss and downtime, the overall costs can be significant. 

ABB’s power protection product portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of UPSs and power conditioners that can protect a food and beverage facility from disturbances in the electrical supply. With power protection from ABB in place, food and beverage product quality, safety and production can be maximized, ensuring the greatest utilization of your facility and enhanced product quality to the customers.

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