Cyberex Cyberwave ISS technical specifications

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General data

System power range

10 kVA-112 kVA

Inverter power Rated at 0.8 Power Factor

DC Input Rating

Nominal Input Voltage

Standard 240 VDC, 120 VDC optional

Input voltage range

+10, -20%VAC from nominal

AC Output Rating
Related output voltage 120, 240 VAC 2W+G. Optional international voltages available.
Voltage adjustability +5% of nominal
Voltage regulation <±1.5% steady state for 0 to 100% load change
Transient response max <± 5% for a 100% Load Step
<± 1% for a Loss/Return AC Input Power
<± 5% for Manual Transfer to Bypass and Back, 100% Load
<± 5% for a 100% Load Step
Recovery Return to within ±2.5% of nominal within 16 ms
Voltage distortion Linear Loads: <2% at Full Load
Non Linear Loads (Crest Factor = 3:1): Max 5% at Full Load
Overload: Inverter Up to 150% of Rated Output Power for 15 Minutes at Min DC Bus and Input
Voltage at 40° C
Up to 150% of Rated Output Power for 5 Minutes at 50° C
Overload static bypass

10-20kVA: 1193A RMS Symmetrical with XL/R=15 for One Loop
25-30kVA: 1491A RMS Symmetrical with XL/R=15 for One Loop
40-75kVA: 5321A RMS Symmetrical with XL/R=15 for One Loop

Frequency  60 Hz (50 Hz Optional)
Frequency stability  ±0.1% free running
Frequency slew rate  1Hz/s minimum


Accoustical Noise level

<60 dbA typical at 3 feet
Operating temperature 0-40ºC, 0-50ºC Optional
Relative Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Enclosure Protection NEMA 1
Access No rear or side access required for operations or maintenance
AC efficiency Typical 83% (kW out/kW in)
Cooling Forced Air (In Front/Out Top); Optional redundant fan assemblies
Operating altitude Up to 1000 meters w/o derating load


User interface Full color touch screen monitor panel, 6" X 8"
Communication ports RS-232 Communications port
Indications Mimic


Safety & Acceptance UL 1778, ETL, CSA, CE & Seismic Zone 4 Compliances Available
FCC Part 15 Subpart J Class A Compliant 
In Accordance with NEMA and IEC Product Standards

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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