Cyberex SuperSwitch GT Digital Static Switch Highlights

  • IEEE1547 protection - under/over voltage, under/over frequency and unintentional islanding protection
  • Provides power quality function that has an adjustable over and under RMS voltage level with an adjustable response time delay
  • Detects instantaneous (fault) current 
  • Offers the capability to accept external open commands
  • Enhanced monitoring of voltage, frequency, and phase difference at the DG side and utility side and will connect when conditions are within limits.
  • Automatic calculation of the power flow for the unintentional islanding protection required per IEEE 1547 
  • Backed by world class service support.

SuperSwitch GT can be customized to meet various application needs. Therefore, we require the following with a request for quote:

  • Basic specifications and one line
  • Application and components involved such as wind, solar, DG etc.
  • Site specifics
  • Any special coordination or testing needs

​SuperSwitch GT Digital Transfer Switch from 200-1200A

Breakthrough Technology

The Cyberex SuperSwitch GT uses silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to connect and disconnect the micro grid quickly to and from the utility grid in 20 microseconds or less. This allows critical operation with equipment needing a continuous power source. The unit also monitors and corrects power reversals and back feeding, and automatically transfers excess energy generated by the micro grid to the utility grid or other, non-critical loads. The unit can be programmed to allow various over- and under-RMS voltage levels and response time delays.

Main logic board

Integral design provides advanced diagnostics and management of three-tiered power quality. Separate boards are used for each source, while independent drive circuits, with high fault isolation, are used for each phase. Fiber optic communications between the Gate Drive Board improves noise immunity and fault isolation.

Waveform capture

SuperSwitch GT is available with waveform capture. The Cyberex waveform capture feature uses digital signal processors and high speed analog to digital converters to simultaneously sample both source voltages and currents. The waveform data is collected in 0.1 millisecond intervals as 12 bit samples to provide an extremely high level of detail.

The SuperSwitch GT is capable of storing 25 waveform capture events for both transfer and non-transfer events. Each measurement contains a total of 6 cycles; 3 cycles prior to the event and 3 cycles after the event. The waveform can be sent via email and imported into an Excel spreadsheet for additional viewing and analysis.

Software-guided Breaker Operation and Bypass

Easy to follow command and indicator lights eliminate the causes of human error.

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