Cyberex SuperSwitch GT Digital Static Transfer Switch technical specifications

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Communications and Software

Communications capabilities through relays and Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP/IP

Easy interface to a SCADA system via
Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP/IP

Analog Data Provided



RMS Phase Voltages
RMS Phase Currents
Digital Data Provided
Switch open
Switch closed
Switch bypassed
Auto mode selected
Manual mode selected

GUI Controls

Local – will connect and reconnect when conditions are within limits.

Off – the GTSTM is disconnected and semiconductors are de-energized.
Remote – accepts “connect” and “disconnect” commands from an external control system. If the connect command is given it will connect and disconnect when conditions are within limits of the SuperSwitch GT internal controls.

Electrical ratings

Amps 200-1200A
Volts 480VAC
Hertz 60 Hz
 3 Phase 3 or 4 wire (neutral not switched)

Product Specifications & Features

  • Exceeds ITIC requirements by disconnecting from failing utility in under 20ms
  • Load protection with smooth, instantaneous transfer between micro and utility grid protection events, IEEE 1547 events, and power quality events.
  • Automatic sensing and control automatic separation of micro grid and utility grid during system problem and reconnection back to the utility grid when the utility system is normal
  • Offers synchronism check
  • Based on silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) technology
  • Offers necessary series protection to clear any internal faults caused by component failures
  • Normal rating is 220% of the system rated voltage per IEEE 1547 Section
  • Optional NEMA 3R enclosure



The SuperSwitch GT shall operate in conformance with the following applicable standards:

  • IEEE 1547 (standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems)
  • ITIC

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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