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DPA – the very best UPS design

With DPA, the UPS is modularized and each module has all the hardware and software needed for autonomous operation:
rectifier, inverter, battery converter, static bypass switch, backfeed protection, control logic, display, and mimic diagram for monitoring and control. A module’s output is not affected by failures elsewhere in the UPS. If one module is lost, the others take up its load. In other words, a multimodule system is fault tolerant and there are no single points of failure.

Product features

UPS cabinet configuration

  • 3ph online double conversion UPS
  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • Housed in an industrial metal enclosure, IP31, RAL 7035, bottom cable entry
  • Halogen free cable
  • Forced ventilation with monitored fans
  • Input, bypass and battery protection
  • Manual bypass switch
  • Integrated back-feed protection
  • HMI interface with graphical display, control push keys
  • UPS operating status indication and programmable alarm section
  • Communication interfaces: Relay board with 10 programmable outputs and 2 inputs, RS-232 and USB ports


  • Input, output, bypass aluminum transformer
  • Customized input & output voltages
  • Ingress protection IP42
  • Top cable entry
  • Redundant fan monitoring (N+1)
  • Tropicalization and anti-corrosion protection for electrical boards
  • Anti-condensator heater
  • Lifting eyes
  • Control and monitoring (ModBus RS-485, ModBus TCP/IP, SNMP)
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Cold start
  • Redundant configuration

Control and monitoring

PowerLine DPA UPS is supplied with a friendly, robust and programmable panel interface allowing the operator to control and monitor the UPS in rough environments.
Further the  UPS  can be integrated into industrial control system  by using inputs and output relays or network management cards with SNMP, Modubus TCP/IP, Modbus RS-485 protocols to monitor remotely the system
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