UPS Service Training

Where professionals in the field meet with experts on UPS technology and applications; to know more, to do better.

Training courses offer added value to your business; the knowledge and skills acquired by your service engineers will be reflected in the image of your company through the quality of the services provided to the end customer. Investing in training will result in better customer service, better work safety practices and improved productivity.


Our mission

Our mission is to create, build up, find, select, organize, present, and transfer the knowledge on the ABB UPS systems to wherever our channel partners and employees need it and can autonomously utilize it


Our goal

Our goal is to prepare highly qualified service engineers who are confident in commissioning, operating, servicing, and maintaining UPS systems professionally and safely.


Our trainers

Our trainers have several years of experience and an extensive technical background based on solid professional experience. This is one of the critical factors on the success of our training offering

Training offering

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