Power Value 11 RT G2 UL Highlights

High reliability

  • Reliable double conversion topology protects load from all input disturbances
  • Batteries can be added or replaced easily
  • Reduced recovery time from discharge
  • Redundant parallel operation available in 5 - 10 kVA systems

Low cost of ownership

  • Scalable runtime
  • High operating efficiency, regardless of loading
  • Reduced installtion and upgrading costs
  • Compact design

Flexible design

  • Configurable in tower or rack-mount format
  • Rotatable display
  • 5 -10 kVA systems can be connected with up to four parallel battery modules for  extended runtime
  • Long backup models available
  • Full set of accessories and connectivity options

Efficient service concept

  • Manually operated maintenance bypass switch (optional)
  • Easy set up and maintenance (plug and play)
  • User-friendly display
  • Hot swap user-replaceable batteries
  • Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
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