DPA 500 key applications:

Large datacenters - Mid-sized datacenters - Server rooms and IT applications - Critical process protection.

One of the benefits of modular UPS is that it allows for utilizing the same power protection concept, with the same product, across different load segments and across installation sites. With Conceptpower DPA 500 each 100 kW power module is its own working UPS. System power can always be scaled to fit the load power without need to oversize, or being able to predict the growing power demand to far future. More modules can be added at any stage to increase system capacity.

Standardized approach for managing power protection streamlines and simplifies the installation and allows also for introduction of unified and standardized service concept on-site.

The benefits of the standardization in today’s constantly changing and unpredictable environment are clear: faster implementation, flexibility and scalability help in controlling the capital spending. 
For the UPS designs this means further refining the decentralized paralleling architecture and higher power, thus highly efficient, modular solutions. The same module can be used as building block for large variety of applications across different size load segments.

The above in turn yields to increased reliability, better risk management and an affordable yet efficient aftersales service, hence overall lower total cost of ownership.

DPA 500 in data center

In a data center, the principal mission of the UPS is to protect the servers. The UPS function can be located centrally or located beside each row of servers so called “end of row” (see figure). A centralized power protection concept is appropriate, in most cases, for large data centers and a distributed power protection concept may be applicable in small data centers or large data centers with decentralized power protection demands.

The DPA 500 is a perfect fit for both, centralized and decentralized “end-of-row” power protection – thanks to its truly modular and scalable architecture.

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