Conceptpower DPA 500 Additional product information

The modular UPS for medium-sized and large data centers

A data center with full uptime. That target is why ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is based on Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA). Only a truly redundant architecture like DPA allows online modules to be swapped out while the system is running. Each high-reliability, standardized module is self-contained and can be swapped at any time, so nothing has to be ever switched off – making routine maintenance safe and easy. And if you want to increase power, the UPS can be scaled vertically in 100 kW modular steps to provide up to 500 kW power in a single frame. Horizontal scalability is also given, with up to six frames in parallel, to increase total power up to 3 MW.

Designed with maximum flexibility and redundancy at its core for the standardization of power protection

In a data center, power distribution systems have historically been oversized to meet the redundancy requirements. Modular scalability enables users of various types and sizes to optimize the solution according to their needs. Modularity effectively helps reduce the oversizing while adding other key benefits like lower total cost of ownership, improved spare parts management, and reduced MTTR.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS was designed for datacenters and other high power applications that require redundant configurations (for example N+1, 2N, and 2(N+1)).

Decentralized paralleling architecture (DPA™) makes the system truly modular and increases system availability

As opposed to UPS systems with centralized parallel architecture, which have some degree of hierarchical centralized control or centralized hardware, as example, static bypass, the ABB paralleling system has been designed to decentralize virtually the entire UPS hardware and software. It includes a wide range of distributed technology: distributed control intelligence, distributed control circuits and distributed power circuits. Decentralized architecture increases the level of redundancy in the system and allows for the highest fault tolerance – securing maximal uptime for the critical load.

ABB’s Decentralized Paralleling Architecture (DPA) means that Conceptpower DPA 500 is composed from modules which are each equipped with all essential parts of a double conversion UPS. As modules are able to operate fully independently of each other, they are also fully redundant with each other. This is what makes the system so reliable and fault tolerant.
Each module in a Conceptpower DPA 500 system has all the essential parts of a UPS and is so able to operate fully independently: Rectifier, inverter, battery converter, static bypass switch and back-feed protection. Each module also has its own display for monitoring and control. System level graphical touch screen display is further used to monitor the complete multimodular system, but the modules are not dependent for its operation.

Online swappable modules
can be removed, added or replaced without need to switch off the UPS or switch the load to be supplied by raw mains. Smart connectors for each UPS module secure that disconnection of a module for service can always be done safely without jeopardizing load.

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