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Plus and features

Energy efficiency is our focus

eBoost - available on 200- 400 kW models - provides considerable additional energy cost savings over the lifetime of the UPS. The savings become particularly significant for large energy users, such as data centers. With eBoost, organizations can reduce energy costs without sacrificing system reliability.

Redundant parallel architecture (RPA)

RPA provides a scalable paralleling approach that reduces operating footprint and increases system reliability by eliminating the need for external paralleling equipment and cabinets (centralized bypass and master control).

Variety of options for energy backup, including lithium-ion batteries

The TLE Series can be installed with a variety of backup energy options. The entire product line is compatible with lithium-ion batteries – a good option for those who look for further space savings without compromise in backup time.

Remote monitoring and diagnostic solution (iUPSGuard)

By accessing the latest site information via the Web and alerting by email or SMS when appropriate, this feature enables the user to make timely decisions should critical conditions change. With comprehensive data collection and analysis, iUPSGuard improves diagnostics capability and reduces response time.

Superior battery management (SBM)

Every TLE Series UPS incorporates the SBM feature as standard. SBM can be configured to periodically test the battery system and calculate true remaining battery runtime, taking into account measured values for temperature and load. SBM works with all battery types.

Improved diagnostic and reliability with DSP control

Every TLE Series UPS incorporates advanced diagnostic capabilities with the FLEX DSP control board, which provides high-resolution waveform capture, diagnostics and trend analysis. The TLE Series is also equipped with special hardware and monitoring capability for limited-life components like fans and capacitors.

Three-level technology for high efficiency

The TLE Series UPS uses a three-level technology with an advanced neutral-point-clamped topology implemented with true reverse-blocking IGBTs. The result is reduced switching and filter losses compared with two-level technology. Combined with optimized magnetics, the net result is a 96.9 percent efficiency in double conversion mode at half load. 

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