Power Protection Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Power quality events can affect a variety of industries, including the semiconductor industry. 

Poor power quality, specifically voltage events like sags and swells, can have devastating effects on production, causing significant quality issues and downtime. 

These quality issues and downtime are very costly and have high impact on businesses. This highlights the importance of future proofing equipment and investing in the best power protection solution.

ABB’s Power Protection division can help industries like Semiconductor by providing highly efficient and reliable voltage output technologies like AVC (active voltage conditioner) and UPS’s (uninterrupted power supply) which can offer a range of autonomy options. Our wide range of products will enable your business to ride through voltage events including voltage sags, swells, and brownouts. 
It's business as usual with ABB's power protection solutions in place.

Key Applications

Chip manufacturing
Glass manufacturing
Solar fabrication

Glass fibers are used to build integrated circuit substrates for high performance smartphone processors and other electronics. There is a variety of process equipment that is sensitive to short-time voltage fluctuations leading to production losses. These need power protection support.

Substrate IC manufacturing

Flip-chip provide high density connections in compact size for high-performance computing chips: these include - graphics processors and application processors. Advanced processes and assembly equipment in a clean room environment produce these substrates. Manufacturers cannot afford for quality to be compromised.

Intelligent Semiconductor solutions

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