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Addendum to US-EU Privacy Shield & Swiss-US Privacy Shield


Statement of Acknowledgment


Effective Date: September 11, 2013

Revised: September 30, 2016

Revised: June 5, 2017

Revised: June 15, 2018 (this Notice supplements the “ABB Global Notice” and in the case of any conflicts controls).

Revised: July 31, 2019 (this Notice supplements the “ABB Global Employee Notice Policy” effective on May 25, 2019 and in the case of any conflicts controls).


ABB is certified to the US-EU Privacy Shield and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield data privacy programs of the U.S. Department of Commerce which can be found on the Privacy Shield’s website at


This document is intended to satisfy, as necessary, the notice and choice privacy principles regarding the transfer of your personal data to certain third parties and third party agents.




As an employee of ABB, your personal data may be forwarded internally to your managers, other business units or divisions, and any of the various corporate functions (e.g., Human Resources, Integrity, Security, Tax, Health and Safety, etc.).  It may be shared with our various sister and parent companies in the normal course of business. 


Your personal data may also be shared with various third parties and third-party agents in the normal course of business. 


As an employee of ABB, you may have rights to access and/or limit disclosures of certain types of personal data. For any questions directly related to this please contact




ABB uses a number of internal and external databases, applications, and systems that contain personal data.  ABB collects, receives, uses, and shares your personal data in accordance with and as permitted by applicable laws, and, where applicable, as authorized by applicable government authorities.  Your personal data may be used for:


  • Staffing (e.g. headcount planning, recruitment, termination, succession planning)
  • Organizational planning and development and workforce management
  • Budget planning and administration
  • Compensation, payroll, and benefit planning and administration (e.g. salary, tax withholding, tax equalization, awards, insurance and pension)
  • Workforce development, education, training and certification
  • Background checks
  • Performance management
  • Problem resolution (e.g., internal reviews, grievances), internal investigations, auditing, compliance, risk management and security purposes
  • Authorizing, granting, administering, monitoring and terminating access to or use of ABB systems, facilities, records, property and infrastructure
  • Business travel (e.g., limousines, commercial flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.)
  • Expense management (e.g., corporate credit card, expense and grant of authority administration, procurement)
  • Project management
  • Conflict of interest reporting
  • Employee communications – internal only, including but not limited to photos, videos, surveys, signups, and testimonials.
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Administration of employee enrollment and participation in activities and programs offered to eligible employees (e.g., matching donations to non-profit organizations, political action committee contributions, wellness activities)
  • Work-related injury and illness reporting
  • Monitoring and surveillance for industrial hygiene, public health and safety, security and formal workplace investigations
  • Legal proceedings and government investigations, including preservation of relevant data
  • As required or expressly authorized by laws or regulations applicable to ABB’s business or by government agencies that oversee or regulate our business




ABB will forward your information to a number of third parties and third party agents.  The types of such third parties your information may be transferred to include, but may not be limited to, the following:


  • Auto purchase co. (benefit)
  • Immigration / Visa attorneys
  • Tax and audit advisory service providers like PwC / KPMG
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Academic evaluation service providers
  • Trainee Visa sponsor
  • HR & payroll service providers
  • Background & drug screening providers
  • Logistics cos. like FedEx
  • Various government entities (e.g., IRS I-9, W-2, W-4, etc.)
  • Travel & expense service providers
  • Leadership development assessors
  • Performance development appraisal and assessment
  • Corporate credit card cos. (e.g. AmEx)
  • Merit & Incentive COS.
  • Market analysts on salary information
  • Language training cos.
  • Insurance cos. (insurance benefits)
  • Cell phone service cos.
  • Employment verification co.
  • Relocation cos.
  • Outplacement services
  • Affirmative action consultants
  • Service awards          
  • ABB Political Action Committee
  • ABB Foundation
  • Auditor and tax consultants
  • Unions
  • ERISA attorneys
  • Retirement/investment cos.
  • Data warehousing providers
  • Actuaries
  • Health and wellness providers
  • Legal services benefits
  • Employee discounts benefits
  • Access control systems providers (e.g. Kantech)
  • Accountants
  • Property / casualty third party administrators
  • Claims management service providers
  • Travel providers
  • Communications and communication service providers
  • Security cos.
  • Travel assistance
  • Security training and crisis management
  • Federal, State and local taxing authorities
  • Law firms in various legal proceedings
  • Risk Management COS.
  • Workers’ compensation defense attorneys, nurse case managers, and private investigators
  • Federal, state and local regulatory agencies
  • Health and safety service and software providers
  • Benefits service providers
  • Pension service providers
  • Employee ID badge co.
  • Budgeting, timekeeping, & other financial systems
  • Hotline service providers
  • ELearning service providers
  • ABB parent, affiliate, and sister companies
  • Exit interview service providers


We only collect the personal data from you that we need for the above purposes described. Certain personal data collected from you relates to your next of kin and emergency contacts. In these cases, you are requested to inform such persons about this Notice.




Based on mandatory legislation, ABB must keep certain personal data for a minimum period. For example, employment contracts, information about salary payments and reimbursements need to be kept for a minimum period based on local corporate and tax legislation.


At the same time, applicable data protection laws require that we do not keep personal data in an identifiable form for any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is being processed. Through the setting of IT applications and policies we ensure that your personal data is deleted when we no longer need it.


The retention periods for the information that we hold can be found in our Directive Records Management GD/LI-44 (add link) or your local Directive Records. After an applicable retention period has lapsed, we will securely delete your personal data, unless there are specific circumstances that require us to keep such personal data, such as legal or regulatory obligations or to resolve potential disputes.


For more information regarding specific retention periods that apply to your personal data, please submit a request at