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Commercial Essential Products


Key Brands:

  • Steel City
  • Carlon
  • Superstrut



  • Electrical junction boxes
  • Strut
  • Cable Tray

Premier Products


Key Brands:

  • T&B Fittings
  • OCAL
  • Sta-Kon
  • TyRap
  • PMA
  • Color-Keyed



  • Liquidtight Fittings
  • PVC Coated Conduit
  • Rigid Fittings
  • Hazardous Location Lighting
  • Nylon Conduit Systems
  • Cable Ties
  • Lugs

Medium Voltage


Key Brands:

  • Elastimold
  • Homac
  • Blackburn



  • Reclosers
  • Switchgear
  • Capacitor Switches
  • Cable Accessories
  • Current Limiting Fuses
  • Faulted Current indicators
  • Distribution Connectors

Currently the following Distributor groups have a partnership with BlueVolt to feed their organization's LMS with our eLearning Content:


Affiliated Distributors
Bartle & Gibson
EDGES University
Education @ EECOL
Loeb Learning Center
Madison University
Mayer University
NEMRA University
Rexel Relay
Robinson University
Stanion Career Center
Summit University

SYD University
Turtle University


If you are a Distributor and are interested, contact BlueVolt at (503) 505-7690 to discuss details for this partnership.


Industrial Solutions Courses


Mebane Live Training

The heading above is the link to this training event which is a series of webinar/live events held twice a day on Monday or Wednesday
Please register for the Training Plan and within the training plan you can choose which events you want to attend.
Please note that some events do require attendance at a previous event.

2020 Recorded Sessions (Click Here to go to MyLearning Catalog Listing)

2021 Recorded Sessions

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