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ABB supports our government customers with a vast array of power and energy related products and services.  This includes EV charging, low- and medium-voltage switchgear, building automation systems (BAS), energy and asset management digital solutions, UPS and critical power solutions, measurement and analytics, motors, variable frequency drives (VFD’s), light rail and rolling stock power generation, and more.

Our four business areas—Electrification, Process Automation, Motion and Robotics & Discrete Automation—provide products solutions and services that are synonymous to the implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

ABB values building relationships with trusted partners, whether you are an end customer or a business associate (i.e., large and small business integrator, socio-economic company, Energy Service Company (ESCO), general and electrical contractor, channel partner, distributor, OEM, etc.). Our goal is to provide the U.S. Federal Government with the best overall solutions.

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ABB is committed to investing in the United States

Since its inception, ABB has enjoyed a growing presence in the U.S., with more than $14b invested in just the past decade in engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities. The country remains our largest growth market.

Contracts and Compliance
ABB is committed to conducting our government contracting obligations ethically, and in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.  Our teams are well versed with unique government contracting requirements to ensure ABB’s customers succeed in this highly regulated environment.

Policy and Government Relations
With a standing presence in Washington, D.C., ABB brings additional expertise and engagement on policy matters with Congress and the Departments.  


Case studies

Marine and ports

At ABB Marine & Ports, we are driving the evolution of sustainable shipping. Electrical propulsion, data-driven decision support, and integrated solutions for ship and shore from ABB are paving the way to a zero-emission marine industry, providing greater efficiency and reliability to shipowners and operators, and preparing vessels to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Infrastructure and Ferries in the United States →

Our Navy and Coast Guard solutions →



Air and space

ABB has a long history in enabling America’s air and space ambitions. From managing cables on the Mars rover to measuring atmospheric CO2 from satellites, ABB continues to deliver essential products and systems to support air and space applications. For example, satellite-based and ground-based optical measurement systems from ABB are used to characterize the atmosphere for applications such as weather prediction, climate change studies and pollution monitoring. ABB also provides optical technologies for space-based and ground-based telescopes for astronomy applications.

In the defense sector, ABB provides measurement instruments to perform infrared signature characterizations. A major ($100+ million) contract for ABB is the CrIS Sounder interferometer delivered via Harris under a prime contract from NASA/NOAA. The CrIS Sounder is part of the NPP and JPSS fleet of satellites, the new generation of low-earth orbit U.S. weather satellites. ABB has been involved with the program since the late 90s.




Meet our four business areas

ABB’s government team represents all four of ABB’s business areas and
integrated business offerings. ABB business areas include Electrification, Process Automation,
Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation.


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Infrastructure and transportation


Smart cities


Rail and infrastructure



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