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ACH180, 0.5 to 30 HP (0.37 to 22 kW)

Reliable climate control in a compact drive

The ACH180 drive is equipped with built-in HVACR application specific features that simplify ordering delivery, and reduce commissioning costs. It's a perfect fit for OEMs in a single, compact and ready-to-use package. This solution is perfect for chiller compressors, heat pumps, refrigeration compressors, and air handling units (AHUs).

Essential HVACR functionality

ACH180 also meets the most stringent HVACR standards including UL 61800-5-1 and UL 60335-2-40. New air handler designs now require the UL 60335-2-40 standard, making ACH180 a perfect fit for new projects. The ACH180 can also be used with air handlers that use A2L refrigerants.

Essential HVACR features are built-in: fireman’s override, soft pump, freeze stat, fan or compressor start and stop, resonance control, bearing health monitoring, pump dry run protection hand-off auto controls, four start interlocks, motor flying start and motor pre-heat. These features help make ACH180 a perfect match for your HVACR applications

Benefits and Features

One drive to control different types of motors

ACH180 can be integrated with several AC motor types, including induction, permanent magnet
(PM) and EC Titanium™ motors. Using high-efficiency motor technologies
can reduce your energy costs and keep your facilities running smoothly

Adaptive Programing

By using intuitive and visualized Adaptive Programming, which offers numerous logical or mathematical function blocks, the user can build their own logic to scale up and customize the drive to specific HVACR application’s requirements. The PC tool Drive Composer Entry, which is used to edit the Adaptive Programming, is also free.

Engineered for HVACR

• Safe torque off (SIL 3) function for personnel safety when conducting maintenance on mechanical parts
• Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and cellular panels connected
• Simplified setup with graphical user interface
• Side-by-side mounting
• Spring terminals for optimal commissioning

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