Drives for HVAC

Reliable, efficient comfort in buildings

The last things we want customers worrying about are occupant comfort and system efficiency. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) just need to work. But they also need to be energy efficient and help reduce operating costs. In buildings ranging from office towers to hospitals, schools to data centers, and across many applications - including air handlers, water pumps, cooling towers and chillers - all use electric motors that we can help ensure are run in the most efficient and reliable manner. That’s where our variable speed drives (VFD) for HVAC can help!  For your convenience, they are simple to set up, and the drives integrate seamlessly into building management and automation systems. With the reassurance of ABB’s global service network, you know no matter where the HVAC system is installed, ABB is close by.

Energy savings, building comfort, simplicity and reliability are the keys to a high performing building. Who you choose for your HVAC VFD matters, and ABB is here to help. 


  • Proven reliability and design flexibility
  • Energy efficiency through built-in application functions and loop controllers
  • Straightforward setup and configuration
  • Integration with essential HVAC communication protocol
  • Local expertise, service and stock inventory

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