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ABB Executive Committee in Vietnam

Noel Hupont

Local Business Area Manager

TeongWah Yeoh

Local Business Area Manager

Robotics & Discrete Automation
Phu HuynhPhong

Local Business Manager

Process Automation
Giang NguyenHoang

Local Division Manager, Process Industry

Process Automation
Tu NguyenVan

Local Division Manager, Measurement and Analytics

Noel Hupont


Hien DoanVan

Vice President

Phu Nguyen Thi Vinh

Country Chief Financial Officer

Quang Vu Van

Country Human Resource Manager

Thuy PhamThu

Country Communication Manager

Huong Quan Thi Mai

Country Legal and Integrity Manager

Robotics Center and Factory Management

Robotics Technical and Service Center, BacNinh
Phu Huynh Phong

Business Area Manager

ABB Robotics & Automation Solution Center
Phu Huynh Phong

Business Area Manager

Bac Ninh Electrification Distribution Solutions
Hoa Nguyen Xuan

Factory Manager