Dubai Sewage Treatment Plant Pumping Station, UAE

The AL Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is currently the only wastewater treatment plant serving Dubai City

First stage is mechanical treatment consisting of seven screens followed by grit removal, pre-aeration tanks and then the primary settling tanks. The effluent then passes through the aeration tanks where only BOD is removed. The ammonia is treated with biological filters followed by the tertiary settling tanks. After sand filters the effluent is chlorinated and supplied to the city for horticulture irrigation.

The primary and the biological stage sludge is thickened with polymer and fed to the anaerobic digesters. The anaerobically digested sludge is dewatered with centrifuges and sent for thermal drying and windrow drying. The dried product is used mainly for horticulture.

The project was awarded to a consortium. ABB was consortium leader responsible for the complete electrical and mechanical works.

Main data

Application: Water and wastewater treatment
Capacity: N/A
Geographical location: Middle East / United Arab Emirates
Year of commissioning: 1992

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