Shielding Venice from high waters

ABB powers and controls the innovative flood barrier system protecting the city from floods

Built on a group of islands and islets in a lagoon separated from the Adriatic Sea by a thin stretch of land, Venice is often subject to the threat of flooding from high water tides. 

To protect itself, the city has built a system of navigation locks, breakwaters and a 1.6-km long barrier,

ABB automation and electrical systems pull the strings of the whole system


Technology that makes it happen

ABB Ability automation

ABB Ability Symphony Plus automation platform controls the raising and lowering of the barriers according to pre-set parameters whenever high water approaches or leaves the lagoon.
The advanced automation system manages data signals from more than 50,000 devices and coordinates operation of the entire flood protection system.

Pressure transmitters

The MOSE flood defense scheme relies on ABB’s 2600T series pressure transmitters to measure the pressure of compressed air and water in the flap gates. Air pressure indicates when the gates have risen to a level sufficient to block any high tides from entering the lagoon, ensuring raising and lowering of the mobile gates is controlled and optimized.

Electrical system

The Mose benefits from an integrated ABB electrical solution including medium- and low-voltage switchgear that ensure stable and reliable supply to the entire system enabling operators to access control remotely.

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