AlGardabia and Grand AlGardabia Pumping Stations, Libya

Water from the Great Man-Made River Project (GMRP) will be delivered to the AlGardabia (Sirt End) reservoir and to the Grand AlGardabia (Sirt 'B') reservoir

The pumping stations AlGardabia and Grand AlGardabia will take water from the respective reservoir and will supply two agricultural projects: “Large Farms Project” for sprinkler feeding and “Small Farms Project” for tank feeding.
The project was awarded to ABB on a turnkey basis. The turnkey order for the two pumping stations was executed by ABB with various partners and sub-contractors. It comprised the complete engineering and execution of all hydraulic-, mechanical-, electrical-, control- instrumentation- and civil works and including a telemetry (SCADA) system between the two pumping stations and farms.

Main data

Application: Water pumping station
Capacity: From 788 m³/h to 4608 m³/h
Geographical location: Africa / Libya
Year of commissioning: 2010

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