Mostaganem-Arzew-Oran Pumping Station, Algeria

Rainfall has been 30% below normal in recent years. This situation has forced the country to make potable water network one of its highest priorities

The construction of more than 20 desalination plants along the 1300km Algerian coast by 2020 has been foreseen in the country’s long-term planning. The production capacity of these plants will exceed 250000 m³/day and supply around 12.5 million inhabitants. 
A total of 7 new regional hydraulic projects, of which the M.A.O project is one, will link the Kerrada reservoir dam to the cities of Mostaganem, Arzew and Oran supplying 155 million cubic meters of potable water per year to 2.5 million inhabitants. Lot 1 will envisage pumping water from Oran city to the water treatment plant Sidi Lahdjel. 
The main scope of supply for the M.A.O. project (Lot 1) consists of the dam, water inlet, sedimentation plant, pumping station, 220kV substation, regulation reservoir and all necessary pipe-work and infrastructure. 
The project was awarded to an EPC contractor. ABB Germany was the EPC’s subcontractor responsible for the complete electrical and mechanical works of the pump station.

Main data

Application: Water pumping station
Capacity: 10416 m³/h
Geographical location: Africa / Algeria
Year of commissioning: 2010

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