Yanbu Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant RO-1, Saudi Arabia

Because of the arid desert area, MYAS depends on seawater desalination for its entire fresh water supply

The seawater RO plant is made up of six trains of about 2.2 MGD capacity each. The plant consists of five major components: a seawater supply system, a feed water pretreatment system, high pressure pumping, RO modules and a permeate post-treatment system. The plant is equipped with a distributed control system (DCS) using ABB’s state-of-the-art computerized technology.

Execution of the complete desalination plant was carried out by a Saudi SBG-PCM consortium. ABB Germany was the subcontractor to SBG for the main electrical parts and the plant control system.

Main data

Application: Desalination
Capacity: 6083 m³/h
Geographical location: Middle East / Saudi Arabia
Year of commissioning: 2007

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