Groundwater - Making the invisible visible

In a world of increasing water scarcity, increased water demand, and urgent need for climate action, we must ensure both the conservation and quality of our water, and reduce energy usage in the groundwater cycle, to ensure that people have the water they need to drink, to farm, and to work, while also protecting the planet

Together, we need to make sure that every drop counts.

ABB technology for a more sustainable use of water

ABB is committed to the conservation and smart use of groundwater as an essential resource for a sustainable society. Providing almost half of all drinking water worldwide, it is central to meeting the needs of a growing population. What we do on the surface matters underground. Groundwater cannot be out of sight, out of mind. It is imperative that we protect it.

ABB’s portfolio of water management technology solutions is designed to mitigate water scarcity, increase water quality and drive energy efficiency at each stage of the groundwater cycle to ensure the correct flow of water from ground to the glass.

Energy efficiency
Water quality
Water protection
Our range of variable speed drives and motors alleviate water turbidity which reduces the need for separate filtering, extracting the groundwater in the most energy efficient way possible before it is further treated and distributed across the water cycle via our smart water network solutions
Our measurement tools explore, analyze and monitor the water below ground to check the quality and quantity and avoid damaging overuse

Our smart wastewater treatment solutions allow us to protect the surface water that seeps into the ground to ensure that it is the highest quality possible and doesn’t contaminate  rivers, seas, biodiversity or affect public health.

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