Improved water quality. Reduced costs.

You want energy efficiency, optimized design and seamlessly executed complex projects.

We deliver electrical and automation solutions that exceed expectations.

Get more flexibility, reliability and efficiency producing clean water with our complete system solutions. They include electrical systems, grid connectivity, control and instrumentation, drives, motors and certain mechanical packages.


And you can reduce energy consumption with our electrical equipment too. Our instruments help detect leaks and minimize chemical usage, which reduces your operating costs and improves water quality. With ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus you can expect seamless integration of field devices, process and PLC automation, electrical and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) business and maintenance systems. 

Get the industry advantage with:

An efficient, integrated, fit for purpose solution
Our global network of dedicated centers and strong local presence in all major markets, serving you on your doorstep and with localized service set-up
Easily-adapted speed variable drives that meet all water applications including desalination, pumping stations, water distribution and water and wastewater treatment

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