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You’re looking for more than a standard GIS

We combine GIS with real-time process data and geo-coded maps

Standard Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are key in planning and visualizing structural information in distributed water, district heating and cooling networks. But what if you could get more than just the standard? Our SCADA system S+ Operations offers an integrated GIS, combining real-time process data with geo-coded maps. This makes it easier to interactively explore spatial and process information of your entire utility’s network at the same time. SCADA alarms are visualized in the GIS, and SCADA control commands can be issued directly from within the integrated GIS. 

Get the industry advantage with:

Cross-navigation capability between SCADA and GIS that significantly reduces time required for spatial investigations 
Support in assessing relevance, impact and severity of an event for a better understanding of the exact location and its surrounding
Hybrid GIS: parallel usage of locally available or internet-based maps and geo-services (for example, weather data)

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