Reduce water loss. Reduce financial loss.

You know that water leaks cause financial leaks . 

So, we help stop both from happening.  

Detect, monitor and manage water losses from source to final destination with our Leakage Management solutions. They cover water losses along large water transmission pipes, and within meshed water distribution networks. And because you won’t have to pay for the unnecessary extra energy that’s consumed during pumping of non-revenue water, we help you keep financial losses down. 

Get the industry advantage with:

Detection of leaks before they turn into large bursts
Enhanced real-time performance monitoring of water supply infrastructure

Increased localization efficiency of leakages

Localize leaks and bursts in water transmission pipes

Searching for a leak or burst along water pipelines in water transmission system can prove to be a tedious task especially if the pipes are hundreds of kilometers long. Leakage localization solutions support the operator and maintenance team to identify the leak location using adapted algorithms and hydraulic models. This significantly reduces shut-down times and consequential damages.


  • Instant burst localization based on real-time data
  • Reduction of consequential damages of bursts due to application of instant mitigation strategies
  • Integrated solution in control system and hydraulic modeling environment

Detect leaks and monitor water distribution network infrastructure

Real-time detection and localization of water leakages, pipe bursts, zone breaches, faulty meters, equipment faults, and other faults are the basis to improve the water supply quality, operational and maintenance efficiency in a water distribution network. User friendly and KPI-oriented dashboards provide an overview of the system’s state to operators, maintenance teams and managers.

As an integral part of ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus automation platform, the leakage detection function supports localization of leaks or bursts as soon as they occur allowing for instant mitigation strategies localizing leaks through pressure gradients or pressure waves analysis.
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