ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Energy Simulator


Energy Simulator is the SaaS hardware-free online tool to support the efficient and cost-effective microgrid design for single or multiple sites.

Available as an Add-on of the ABB Ability™ Energy Manager platform, the Energy Simulator is specifically designed for Energy Service Companies (ESCo) and Energy Consultants, enabling to determine the optimal resource combination from finance and sustainability perspectives.


  • Easy to use, with a user-friendly interface for unlimited simulations on each site
  • Ready for multiple sites such as C&I energy communities
  • Online SaaS tool with simulation output in less than 1 minute with multiple user access not linked to laptop hardware license and possibility to save simulations and reports to be shared with on-site energy managers
  • Design a microgrid system that ensures the highest return on investment (ROI) and CO2 emission reduction
  • Optimize different distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar, hydro, storage and electric vehicle charging points to minimize the impact on energy costs and gas emissions
  • Identify the best energy assets for financial and sustainability targets, before installing any device

Discover the countless advantages of ABB Ability™ Energy Manager - Energy Simulator




Design a Microgrid System

Ensure the highest return on investment - ROI - or CO2 emission reduction.



No device needed

Simulate site performances without having devices connected.



Save your consulting time

Simulation output in less than 1 minute to speed up your energy efficiency projects.


Bundle it with Complete Matching for a full energy assessment.



Upload your data

Identify your energy consumption profile simply from your energy bills or local calculation sheets.


Bill Analysis

Store and parse your energy bills in a unique repository for each site.


Tariff evaluation

Compare the energy tariffs of your facility.


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Decentralized pictogram


Commercial building




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