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System 800xA Hardware

The CI864 is a communication interface board for the CEX bus of a PM8xx controller. It implements the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. With a Serial to Ethernet converter it can also be used for the IEC 101 and −103 protocols as well as the SAT 1703 protocol.

The CI864 uses the same hardware as the CI857 (INSUM) board, but a different firmware and li-braries and is considered to be a completely different device by the 800xA system.
One CI864 module can communicate with up to 16 IEC partner stations or 8 pairs of redundant stations. Depending on the amount of data items, the practical limit is less than that.

The CI864 module can act both as the controlling and as the controlled station. At the ap-plication layer it can act either as a master, a slave or in both roles.
Only a subset of the full IEC 60870-5-104 protocol is currently implemented. Almost all the monitoring and command data types in the compatible range are imple-mented. (Data types for parameter loading and file transfer are not implemented). 

There are various possibilities of configurations For the CI864 module. For this reason, not all variations can be documented in detail. The ABB team in Austria can help you implement specific solutions to meet your needs.


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