Advanced Weighbridge: make your weighbridges smart

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Maximize your capacity

ABB Triple-A smart weighbridge is the central hub of your (un)loading process. Automatically redirect truckdrivers, print weighing tickets, interact with silos or warehouses, send out text messages, etc. Your weighbridge can do a lot more than just registering weights.

Making your weighbridge smart will decrease the time needed for loading and unloading, reduce error and corrective actions and maximize the capacity of your infrastructure.

Connect with DCS

Using OPC, modbus and various other protocols, our software can easily interact with Distributed Control Systems (DCS). ABB Triple-A is capable of handling your valves, pumps, barriers, traffic lights, etc. This way we let your (un)loadings run like clockwork.

Key benefits

  • Faster loading and unloading
  • Reduce error and corrective action
  • Print weighing tickets
  • Send out text messages
  • Interact with drivers
  • Audit track & trace
  • Real-time KPI’s monitoring
  • Alarms and events overview

Touchscreen panels

Getting input from drivers on the weighbridge is now possible thanks to ABB Triple-A. Using the colorful ABB touch Panel 800 display, your smart weighbridge can interact with truck drivers to make your loading process run more smoothly.

Track and trace

Audit trails and timestamps keep track of the entire loading process. And all of the audit trails are customizable. Easily track and trace the calculations and instructions so you can analyse and enhance your (un)loading processes.

Intuitive insight

We know that you strive for continuous improvement. Through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, ABB Triple-A makes it easy for you to identify bottlenecks in your loading process.

Real-time monitoring

ABB Triple-A lets you stay right on top of your site KPI’s. Using a colourful overview screen, visit statuses, a message gateway, and alarms and events overview, dispatch has all the tools that they need to keep track of all of the simultaneous (un)loading processes.

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