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Are you ready to optimize your site loading and unloading processes? Whether you’re having bulk or packed goods, loaded to, or unloaded from trucks, railcars or ships, we will put your dispatch in complete control! Know who and when someone is on site and easily control the flow of your loading process with the auto-dispatch and advanced weighbridge. This way you will maximize your loading performance while you keep track of your site KPI’s in real-time and enhance your site safety and security.

Our key benefits

Maximizing your capacity

  • Smart queuing system  to reduce waiting time.
  • Faster loading and unloading.
  • Reduce error and corrective action.

Short delivery time

  • Easy to configure your engineering workstation.
  • User friendly operator station.
  • Triple-A simulation functionality.

Safer site operations

  • Transparency of fleet activity.
  • Audit trail and RBAC functionality.
  • Compliance reporting.

Intuitive insight

  • Bottleneck identification
  • Data analyzer and visualization.
  • Site KPI monitoring.
  • Intuitive overview and real-time monitoring

Extended connectivity

  • Ability to connect to more than 100 different kind of devices.
  • Connectivity to your ERP system.
  • Pre-defined connectivity adapter.

Wide range of possibilities

  • Works for in- and outbound
  • Manages packed goods and bulk (un)loadings
  • User-defined workspaces

Innovative solutions for access control, site security and (un)loading processes


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