Auto Dispatch: Self-registration in a multi-linguistic intuitive interface

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Multi-linguistic kiosks

Todays globalized economy is powered by a multi-cultural workforce. Using the multi-linguistic self-registration kiosk of ABB Triple-A, truck drivers will be able to register in their own native language. The screens and instructions are intuitively simple to use, making a check-in process fast and reliable.

ABB Triple-A’s automatic check-in accepts ERP reference numbers, hands-out temporary security cards, verifies safety trainings and scans biometrics. At the check-in safety regulations and loading instructions are acknowledged by drivers. At the end the driver gets step-by-step instructions printed-out. The check-in and check-out processes are highly customizable to fit your specific situation. 

Connect with ERP

ABB Triple-A is capable of connecting with your ERP system to validate the requested order or send back the details of the performed (un)loading. The kiosk can provide different checks depending on the information available such as loading timeframe, the availability of loading material and set the maximum amount to load. At the end the necessary documents such as CMR, weighing ticket etc. roll out of the printer.

Key benefits

  • Multi-linguistic self-registration
  • Enforce safety regulations
  • Transparency in site activity
  • Real-time KPI’s monitoring
  • Maximize loading performance
  • Intelligent queueing
  • Reduce waiting time
  • Alarms and events overview
  • Connectivity to ERP system

Track and trace

Do you want to avoid paying waiting fees and claims for wrongful loadings? With an automated loading process, not only will your loading process be fully optimized for the most efficient throughput, the system will also provide audit trails and timestamps of every action preformed onsite of the entire process. These audit trails are easily retrieved and give you an in-depth insight in the (un)loading process.

Real-time monitoring

ABB Triple-A lets you stay right on top of your site KPI’s. Using a colourful overview screen, visit statuses, a message gateway, and alarms and events overview, dispatch has all the tools that they need to keep track of all of the simultaneous (un)loading processes.

Intelligent queueing

We know that time equals money. Our software solution will maximize your loading performance. Our intelligent queueing will get the most out of your loading infrastructure while creating a safe (un)loading environment. You can limit the number of trucks for specific loading locations, block adjacent silos and call drivers to go on site using queue overviews or LED displays.
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