ABB tacteo® KNX sensor

KNX sensors made of glass for the most demanding individual requirements

The ABB tacteo® KNX Sensor is an individually-configurable control element for intelligent building management of luxury hotels, public buildings and high class residential buildings. This makes each sensor unique in design and function.

Architecture and interior design

Create something extraordinary and individual, all around the world with maximum functionality and a personal touch.

Living room

A home that is as individual as its inhabitants. Where first-class quality and modern design are paramount.

Advantages for you

Individually configurable

Use the ABB tacteo® configurator to design your own individual KNX sensor completely in line with your requirements. You determine its design and functions, define icons and texts and select the housing and button colours. Configure now and order directly from your wholesaler.

Intuitive operation

If you approach the sensor with your hand, the status lighting switches on. If, however, you touch the sensor with the entire palm of your hand, a pre-programmed function is triggered. It goes without saying that the tried and tested color concept is also integrated.

Flat & theft proof

At 9.5 mm, the frameless and extra-flat KNX sensor barely touches the surface of the wall and thus blends harmoniously into any wall design. The removal protection, which protects the KNX sensor from theft, provides a pleasant feeling of security.

Hotel access control

The ABB tacteo® KNX range also offers secure access control for the hospitality industry. Particularly practical: the sensor also performs all of a hotel's management tasks, which can be controlled from a central point such as the reception desk.

How to buy

Customized for You

In addition to the existing configuration, you now have the option to configure the ABB tacteo® sensors even more individually. In detail, this means that you can make the following individual configurations like using individual icons and logos, free placements of up to three additional logos, icons and text fields each or the specification of an individual glass colour. This way the ABB tacteo® fits perfectly into your interior and represents in addition the Corporate Identity of your company.

ABB tacteo customizing examples

Customized for You process

To design your customized ABB tacteo®  KNX sensor with the new options of our ABB tacteo® configurator follow the below steps.
ABB tacteo premium customizing process

Product range

Applications and functions

KNX Sensor

The high-quality sensor made from the trend material glass is available in black or white. The capacitive user interface offers virtually unlimited possibilities for intelligent building networking: all functions such as heating, blinds, lighting or comfort scenes can be controlled to create comfortable everyday situations.

KNX Thermostat

The room temperature controller ensures a perfect feel-good atmosphere in your rooms. It not only regulates the temperature, but also the ventilation if desired. The KNX thermostat is particularly easy to control thanks to its intuitive operating concept.

Hotel access control

Whether hotel, holiday complex or apartment – the ABB KNX sensor offers individual and flexible solutions that make access control by means of a central control system considerably easier, safer and more economical.

Hotel room management

The ABB tacteo® KNX Guest Room Management system performs all the functions necessary to make a guest's stay as pleasant as possible.

Standard operating elements and unit sizes

The control elements of the ABB tacteo® KNX sensor are available in different sizes for different installation standards. The number of functions varies according to your individual requirements and wishes. The larger the control element, the more icons and functions that can be integrated on the panel.
86mm x 86mm
86mm x 115mm
115mm x 86mm
157mm x 86mm
86mm x 157mm

Overview of colors

black glass
white glass
glass coral
glass sun
glass ocean
glass oyster
glass purple
glass avocado
glass cloud
glass mocha


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