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Canada news articles

  • Did you know there is over 100 years of Canadian history behind ABB’s Marettes and Iberville Boxes? How about the Canadian stories behind enduring brands Star Teck Fittings and Microlectric?

  • Whether it’s lowering operational costs, minimizing downtime, or mitigating the risk of unforeseen equipment issues that may impede on employees’ health and safety, ABB listens to their customers’ challenges to customize and adapt ideal solutions. Located about 30 minutes west of Toronto, ABB’s Brampton facility provides jobs for 130 employees. Firmly rooted in the local Ontarian community since

  • Thanks to a partnership with ABB, Coca-Cola and Volvo Trucks, Santa Claus brings holiday greetings across Italy with a fully-electric truck.

  • ABB believes that the development and nurturing of business ecosystems is essential to creating value for our customers and shaping the future. These networks of suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and other organizations constitute a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be flexible and adaptable to thrive. In these evolving relationships,

  • With COP26 just two weeks away, I was pleased to join the TIME panel “Addressing the World’s Energy Challenges” with moderator Mark Barton, Antoine Jourdain CTO of Enedis, and Timur Gül Head of Energy Technology Policy at the International Energy Agency. It is an important discussion on a part of the energy transition and reaching net zero that has largely been overlooked: the power grid. Clean

  • In April 2021, ABB Canada was one of the first companies to offer employee support for Industry for Vaccination (IFV), a cross-Canada collaboration between the government and the private sector to accelerate nationwide vaccination. As part of this initiative, ABB supported a number of vaccination hubs with staffing resources and financial support. With vaccination rates now around 75 percent,

  • World EV Day founders ABB and Green.TV are issuing an “EVmoji” challenge to participants in Canada age 16 and younger to create an electric vehicle emoji. The winning design will be submitted to the Unicode Consortium - the consortium that finalizes and produces official emojis.