ERP integration - enterprise connectivity for cement

Integrate manufacturing & business information to improve product costing, production planning, maintenance, material movement, quality management

Plant managers need to know how each production site is performing, and at the same time, how the business is performing.

Cement information systems are used to monitor the plant performance, and ERP systems are used to monitor the business performance. Both systems are somehow incomplete without the other.

Having the right plant data consolidated and validated before it arrives to the business level is essential.

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Your challenges

High cost of changes once processed in the ERP system, if at all supported

  • incorrect business and financial information if manufacturing information is not accurately reflected
  • production reporting needs to be aligned with the expectations of the business systems
  • correct information from the ERP systems is needed to properly perform activities like stock reconciliation, production planning and downtime categorization

ABB solution

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager’s ERP Connector:

  • direct interaction between the manufacturing and the business processes (manufacturing information integrated in the ERP system, business information integrated in the Knowledge Manager system)
  • flexibility to maintain and manage the consolidated plant information before it is sent to the higher ERP level


Key users familiar with cement information system and comfortable at this level

  • Productized solution based on standard methods
  • Non-demanding engineering
  • Easy to maintain, with no SAP expertise or programming knowledge required
  • No specific customization required in ERP modules
  • Short implementation time
  • Seamless integration with Knowledge Manager’s web-based user interface

Main applications

ERP Connector features

Online information exchange between ERP and Knowledge Manager

Engineering and configuration through Knowledge Manager toolkit

Specific modules exist for integrating with, for example:

  • SAP PM
  • SAP QM
  • Other modules based on BW

Based on standard web technologies (HTTP, HTTPS, XML, Web Services).

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager

Provides you with analytical insight to identify best practices and improve overall operation
at plant and at corporate levels

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager's platform and applications

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