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Modernizing paints and coatings manufacturing plants is crucial in meeting today's stringent quality standards. ABB Blending & Formulation specializes in designing, installing, and commissioning complete automated units for coatings, paints, varnishes, and resins manufacturing. Our turnkey solutions cover a wide range of applications, from architectural and industrial paints to automotive coatings and varnishes. With high-performing resin plants for solvent-based or water-based emulsions, we offer tailored solutions for your investment success.

Benefits of ABB Blending & Formulation solutions, 

  • Streamlines your production process, helps design modular workshops and implement in-line system

  • Decrease of material losses 

  • Storage optimization

  • Reduction of maintenance/ staff costs 

  • Reduction of effluents

  • Right First-time ratio improvement

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