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As a leading supplier to the oil and gas industry, ABB provides the systems, solutions and services needed to operate downstream refining and petrochemical plants safely, productively and profitably.

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A modern oil refinery can process several hundred thousand barrels of crude oil a day, and must operate continuously for months and years at a time. This is made possible by utilizing leading automation and electrical systems that operate thousands of separate plant items to perfect a chemical process; separating the hydrocarbon molecules into fuels, lubricants or the feedstock for further petrochemical techniques.

ABB has more than 30 years’ experience in providing the power, control and safety systems that make all of this possible and the leading experts to operate and optimize the process. The aim is to make the refinery as safe, energy efficient and reliable as possible, and our data shows that partnering with ABB cuts an operator’s capital costs by 20% and its operating costs by up to 9%


Despite the fact that petrochemicals is a complex industry with many products and production processes, the goals of a safe operation, maximizing profitability and efficiency, are in reality the same goal. The common solution is to use the best technology in the best way, and this is also the aim of ABB.

Whether it’s advanced process control, state-of-the-art instrumentation or consulting and lifecycle support, ABB supports the industry with solutions from field devices through to fully integrated control and safety systems (ICSS), electrical and telecommunications systems.


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