Advanced batch analysis and monitoring enhanced by big data analytics technologies

To maximize profit potential in process operations, repeatable, high quality is essential. In chemical and pharmaceutical processing in particular, batch management systems are critical to ensuring reliable quality throughout processes.

ABB Ability™ BatchInsight enables customers to detect anomalies sooner in batch processes. It combines software solutions in a single tool, supported by ABB Advanced Services. ABB Ability™ BatchInsight helps process specialists and control system operators in their time-consuming work by automatically and efficiently conducting batch level analysis for detecting and resolving abnormalities.

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Your challenge

Which batches are faulty? Do you have a quality issue or a cycle time issue? When did the error occur? What are the best practices to ensure quality production? When it comes to ensuring consistent quality in process operations, there are a number of challenges.

Troubleshooting and finding root causes quickly

Monitoring multiple variables with dynamic interactions

Creating real insights from terabytes of collected process data

Identifying slowly creeping plant degradation

Preserving knowledge in times of demographic change

ABB Ability™ BatchInsight is ideal for vertical integration projects because it connects DCS and MES/ERP for domain-specific data consolidation and handling from multiple data sources. It combines web-based batch analysis tools with intelligent visualization (and advanced statistical algorithms) to make root-cause analysis more efficient.

Detect and correct anomalies early in your batch production

  • Save time and improve operations by conducting batch level analysis automatically and efficiently
  • Correct anomalies sooner with time-level analysis that recognizes the time of occurrence of the  deviation and isolates the process variables that contributed to the process or operating deviation
  • Automatically gain the insights you need to take effective and timely corrective action
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Reduce unplanned downtime


ABB Ability™ BatchInsight consolidates all batch management applications into one easy-to-use tool.

BatchInsight Datahub

Consolidates all collected data into one repository of information

  • Consolidation and reasoning of multi-
    data sources
  • Pre-processing of bigdata for analysis and monitoring
  • Management and store of Batch labels, models and KPIs

Batch Analysis

Extends classic process data historians by combining the batch/recipe data
and the process trend data, to provide a
holistic/ comprehensive analysis for batch production
  • Process variable view
  • Duration view
  • Gantt view
  • Batch Parameter view
  • Batch equipment utilization view

Batch Modelling

Provides efficient batch modelling lifecycle for hundreds of recipes and product
  • Data-driven batch model building and verification using multi-variant algorithms
  • Batch model management system
  • Root cause analysis using batch model

Batch Monitoring

Creates online
monitoring templates using the model created
in Batch Modelling
  • Enables monitoring in real-time
  • Batch cycle time monitor
  • Single process variable monitor (golden batch monitor)
  • Multivariate monitor
  • Integration in DCS HMI

ABB Advanced Services

Advanced services from ABB experts
  • ABB offers advanced services that provide an expert who helps with data handling and process analysis, and creates a customized monitor
  • BatchInsight hands-on training and batch modelling based on predefined use cases by the customer

Batch Analysis - Parameter View

Root cause analysis of quantity deviations

Quickly compares multiple batches to identify abnormalities in batch process

Batch Analysis - Duration View

Cycle time reduction

Quickly compares multiple batches to identify delayed operations and abnormal idle time

Batch Analysis - Gantt View

Reduction of unplanned downtime

Quickly compares multiple batches in Gantt chart with drill-down of different recipe levels

Batch Analysis - Parameter View

Find the optimal settings for batch production

Investigate differences and similarities across batches concerning batch parameters

Batch Modeling

Efficient and intuitive batch modeling

Data-driven batch model for root cause analysis (RCA) and online batch monitoring

Online Batch Monitor

Detect and correct anomalies early in your batch processes

using statistical batch models, easy integration in DCS


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