Intelligent projects

Accelerate project schedules, reduce costs and minimize risk

Projects in the oil, gas and chemicals industry have been completed using the same methods for decades. As a result,64 percent of today’s projects face cost overruns and 73 percent report schedule delays.

A new approach is needed: ABB Intelligent Projects.

It works a bit like this: Traditionally, a complex machine was produced on an assembly line where individual parts were added, one at a time, but no testing occurred until assembly was complete. A better approach is to build and test each modular component, so that when final assembly is complete, the machine works.

That’s our model, and we’re using it to transform the speed and quality of project execution through single-source integration of power, automation and telecommunication systems.

  • Improve project outcomes
  • Reduce inefficiencies and costs
  • Accelerate schedules
  • Speed startups and installations
  • Reduce complexities and risks
  • Ensure safety of personnel
  • Extend life cycle support





Components for a world class execution model


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