Occupational health and safety

Improving occupational health and safety performance is a Group-wide priority.

  • Safety has been stepped up to protect employees and contractors in risk areas
  • New employees will receive safety training after they join in ABB China in seven days

ABB China through the development of norms of behavior training, and the further development of general systems and standards and other initiatives, to fulfill safety responsibilities.

Occupational health and safety remains a challenge to ABB and ABB is working hard to find the answers. The company is focusing on three main areas of weakness: ensuring employees and subcontractors to follow established rules when working at height on live electronic equipment, and when they drive or are driven as part of their work. ABB is continuous to work hard to improve project safety in China. Project and site managers not only receive trainings, but also have access to online occupational health and safety trainings.

Safety responsibility lies in implementation

ABB not only develops products to improve safety, benefiting its own employees and customers, but also adopts many measures to foster safe working environment.

At present, ABB focuses on the promotion of a new project-OHS leadership, guiding regional managers, business unit managers and department managers to put safety management at the first place, and to improve safety leadership. RU Safe is another safety related training introduced by ABB, the training aims to reduce human error, and improve safety awareness.

In addition, the company also strengthens employees and subcontractors' safety protection measures. At the same time in the project bidding, the company has system of safety risk assessment mechanism into the risk assessment process business department.

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