Security and crisis management

Security and crisis management creates a procedure, system and structure to prevent people and other assets at risk, loss or criminal activities. As an indispensable part of ABB business, security network is used to analyze threats and vulnerabilities of assets, with the purpose to prevent threats and reduce risks.

In recent years, ABB has greatly enhanced security, and employed more internal and external security experts from all over the world.

Types of risks have increased, including war and terrorism, political turmoil, environmental pollution and natural disasters, various criminal activities and commercial espionage and maritime threats.

One of ABB’s recent focuses is on travel safety. ABB has established a set of system that can track employees in the global scope and inform employees and management of the situation when they are at risks or in dangers. In moments of crisis, ABB can advise and support the relocation of employees and assets subject to loss.

In recent years, 450 managers from 18 countries participated the safety and crisis management exercises. This is to enhance their understanding of potential risks, and to ensure that employees know how to respond to potential threats and emergencies.

In addition, the group also launched a pilot in China, Germany, Singapore, South Africa and USA on facility safety training, including human rights and the standards of onsite security.

ABB has been asked to conduct due diligence investigation on all security companies according to ABB and international standards.

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