Intelligent Extended Operator Workplace EOW-c

The compact Extended Operator Workstation that focuses on spatial efficiency and operator wellbeing.

The operator’s actions have a direct impact on uptime, production output, quality, and safety. EOW-c is designed to enhance operator efficiency by minimizing response time and supporting 24/7 operations.

The Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) offers great efficiency and ergonomics solutions for operators. The EOW-c is the smallest version of the EOW series, and creates a very good operator environment at a very small footprint.

Everything is designed to support effective interaction and collaboration:

  1. Plant visualization and information all in one view.
  2. Process overviews on close-by large interactive panels.
  3. One fast-acting functional keyboard for controlling the complete operator environment.
  4. Control room space reduction by around 30%.
  5. Small Footprint but generous work area.
  6. Increased work environment appeal and job satisfaction


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Optimized and ergonomic single operator environment
Personal and public sound and lights
Four programmable positions
Sturdy and durable, built for 24/7 operations
Multi-client keyboard with touch screen

Control room designs that drive efficiency and cut costs

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