Control room consoles - Extended Operator Workplace EOW

ABB's unique control room consoles specially designed and optimized for 24/7 operations reduce operator's fatigue, create alertness and improve user health and well-being.

The control room operator’s actions have a direct impact on up-time, production output, quality, and safety. Control room workplaces from ABB are designed to optimize operator efficiency by minimizing response time and supporting 24/7 operations.

An operator environment designed with human factors in focus can convert potentially dangerous fatigue and distraction into proactive alertness that extracts the very best from every individual - in both routine operations and critical situations.

Operator alertness is the key to profitability

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The environment created by ABB's Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) platform keeps the operator in focus by providing unparalleled workplace ergonomics plus a close pre-integrated large-screen overview for clear and concise plant-wide visualization. The EOW platform is much more than just a traditional operator desk. It includes everything needed to fulfill the latest human factor standards.

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