Control systems connectivity and modernization

Enabling control rooms consolidation with one HMI

ABB's unqiue capabilities of true control room consolidation

Fewer operators responsible for more interconnected processes

Open up new possibilities with ABB's best-in-class ABB Ability™ System 800xA automation platform, able to connect a mix of different DCS / SCADA / PLC systems -  both from ABB and other major vendors - into one integrated HMI

Most plants have a mix of control systems. It could be DCS from different suppliers or former generation of ABB systems and also different PLC solutions for smaller or separate process areas. ABB provides connectivity packages with ready-made object types for a wide range of systems. They include graphic elements, faceplates, alarm and event handling etc. enabling a common look and feel, a rich choice of operation features and seamless right-click navigation for all connected systems.

ABB also supplies interfaces for any Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to read and write data to the control system.

Our connectivity packages

Electrical equipment
Video surveillance

What can you gain?

Efficient collaboration in one common environment - independent of connected controller types and data sources

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