Embedded Video in ABB Ability™ System 800xA®

ABB Ability System 800xA® has a built in video system that minimize the life cycle cost related to normal video system investments, while dramatically increasing the benefits.

Improved decision support and situation awareness

The ABB Ability System 800xA video system enables users to attach the video view to the plant equipment represented in the 800xA system. This, in combination with the high-resolution dome cameras available today, give users direct access to detailed video surveillance information of any equipment in sight of the camera.

Embedded video promotes instant situation awareness and fast problem resolution by the instant access to live video from alarm lines, reports, graphics, faceplates etc. 

With video as a built in function in 800xA there is no need to spend time and money on purchasing, operating, and maintaining a separate video system.


  • Embedded Video Surveillance and Recording in 800xA portfolio
  • Improved Decision Support and Situation Awareness
  • Video Server included - no additional costs
  • Access to live video and recordings through embedded feeds in graphics or faceplates
  • Connectivity to IP cameras

Technical specification

The embedded video functionality is using components from VideONet. The video servers can be distributed or centralized; they can run in physical machines or virtualized servers for optimal resource utilization.

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Recommended Licenses

Option reference 3BSE070134R1
Video Input Channel

One Camera video stream. Can be recorded and/or a live feed stream.

Option reference 3BSE070135R1
Video Client

Concurrent client for viewing video stream, both recorded or a live feed.

Option Items

Cameras and Analog to Digital Converters (Encoders).

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