System 800xA CMMS integration

Increased plant availability and reduced costs


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System 800xA promotes collaboration between operations and maintenance, and streamlines the overall work processes

With 800xA Asset Optimization, CMMS integration maintenance data such as active work orders and work order history can be shared seamlessly between 800xA workplaces and the CMMS.

System 800xA bridges the gap between daily operations and the maintenance organization within the plant. With 800xA CMMS integration, all maintenance data is easily accessed from the control room. Production can be planned according to current maintenance activities and operators assume a proactive role in plant maintenance by adding new maintenance work orders as problems occur during production.

Benefits with CMMS integration:

  • Reduced Time to Repair through Optimized Work Processes and overview
  • Improved collaboration between operation, automation and maintenance personnel. 

System 800xA provides predefined interfaces to CMMS such as IBM MAXIMO® and SAP PM®.

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