Compact HMI

A scalable PC based SCADA system for real-time operation of your plant.

Based on the premium technology of ABB‘s System 800xA DCS with its leading object oriented engineering platform, it can be used in a variety of diverse industries, ranging from a single operator workstation, 50 signals and scale up to applications with several thousand signals and workplaces.

Designed with Microsoft Windows® standard of interaction, Compact HMI supports Windows 10 2016 LTSC and Windows Server 2019. This provides exceptional ease of use, unmatched performance and cost savings.

Not only can Compact HMI directly interface to a large num­ber of OPC-compliant controllers but also it comes with built in drivers to connect to major PLCs.

With our Smart Client technology, you can quickly and easily remotely access real time plant data on your office PC analyze it directly, and then create a wide variety of reports.

Compact HMI 6.1.1-1 Released.
Compact HMI version 6.1.1-1 reinforces ABB’s commitment to providing safe and secure operations. To enable a longer life cycle of both new and existing installations, Compact HMI 6.1.1-1 has been released with the following news:
- OPC UA Connect support
- OPC UA Client Connection Services
- Event History
- Windows operating system support 
Compact HMI provides support for Windows 10 LTSC 2021/Server 2022 in addition to Windows 10 2016 LTSC, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 2019 LTSC and Windows Server 2019.

Compact HMI 6.1.1-1 now available!

Compact HMI 6.1.1-1 Release Highlights:

OPC UA Connect
This OPC UA Client enables external OPC UA servers, such as PLCs, to be connected and integrated into Compact HMI so that Compact HMI can read and write data from/to these OPC UA servers. OPC UA Connect currently only supports OPC UA data access (DA).

OPC UA Client Connection Services
A new OPC UA Server enables external OPC UA Clients to connect to Compact HMI to read and write OPC data. OPC UA Client Connection Services are typically used to exchange data between Compact HMI and third-party software applications to be used for e.g. reports and data analysis. OPC UA Connect currently only supports OPC UA data access (DA).

Event History

Event History is intended as an optional replacement for the previous Event Storage service and provides essentially the same functionality, i.e. handle messages from services, connected systems and workplace clients. Like the Event Storage service, the Event History service handles short term storage of events bringing advantages such as:

  • Supports redundancy without the limitation of two service providers 

  • Supports events for three months plus current month. Approximately 5 million events can be stored and no limitation per category.

Windows operating system support 

Compact HMI 6.1.1-1 provides support for Windows 10 LTSC 2021/Server 2022 in addition to Windows 10 2016 LTSC, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 2019 LTSC and Windows Server 2019.
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How to install


How to handle licenses


How to add new users


How to connect PLCs & Controllers and create Device Object using BDM

  • One Click To Information where all information related to an object is instantly displayed by an intuitive point-and-click-style
  • High performance pre-fabricated, re-usable graphics library based on industry best-practice principles to help quick creation and utilization of graphic displays
  • Embedded CAD Viewer for object centric CAD drawings
  • Direct interface to a large number of OPC-compliant controllers and also includes built in drivers to connect to major PLCs
  • Bulk Data tool for configuring data with minimal engineering
  • Smart Client for intelligent data access and viewing to facilitate in making quick, informed decisions and improving performance
  • Flexible alarm management with alarm shelving and alarm analysis for convenient alarm monitor and analysis
  • Real-time notification of alarms via email or SMS

Compact HMI Server  Compact HMI Client
 Hardware requirements Hardware requirements 
Recommended performance and capacity of the PCs for different node types can be found in the Third Party HW Products Verified for use with ABB's System 800xA.
 Supported Configurations Supported Configurations
  • 1 Server Workplace Operation and Engineering
  • Integrated Smart Client Server
  • 1-10 Smart Client Workplaces or Remote Workplaces
 Server Workplace Size Option Pack Client Workplace Size
  • 50 Signals (20 Tags)
  • 500 Signals (200 Tags)
  • 2500 Signals (1000 Tags)
  • ≤ 200 Signals
  • ≤ 500 Signals
  • ≤ 1000 Signals
  • ≤ 2500 Signals
  • ≤ 5000 Signals
  • ≤ 10000 Signals

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