PC Runtime

PC Runtime is a software enabling the HMI application to run equally well, or better, on a standard Windows PC as on a panel. 

You can use the Runtime in a PC for control room applications, when you need large screens or extended desktops, or when you want to run more software on the same platform.

Using Panel 800 Runtime and dedicated license dongles, Panel 800 applications can be run on normal Windows PC. This enables engineering efficient reuse of the panels applications in situations when a PC based HMI is required in addition to process panels. Since Panel 800 Runtime can be used to visualize data from up to 4000 signals, it is also suitable for mid-sized SCADA applications even when process panels are not needed.

The software is optimal for simple monitoring applications with one or more controllers, as well as for advanced applications where controllers and panel data are monitored and controlled from a central PC. The USB dongle enables runtime visualization. Based on the number of signals or tags nedded there are three dongle sizes available - 250, 2000 and 4000.

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