ABB Field Information Manager Learning Center

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  1. Tools Menu button
  2. Top menu, consisting of options to search for devices in topology, maximize/minimize the Topology Tree, show all gateways (incl. non-HART gateways) and add a new Communication Server
  3. Communication Server Tile
  4. Context Menu, available with a click on [...] icon of the Device Tile
  5. Enhanced Touch Mode, Tooltip Picker (for use with touchscreen devices), Easy Access Wizard, Common Names Sidebar and Help
  6. Device Tile representing a field device
  7. Info Center
  8. User information incl. user name and user role
  9. Process Status (displayed in case of active processes in Process Cockpit)

The progress of started activities is documented within the Info Center.
Favorites and other frequently used elements are available in the Easy Access Wizard.
For working with touchscreen devices, an Enhanced Touchscreen Mode and tooltips by using the Tooltip Picker are available.

Basic Concept

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