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Project Management

ABB Field Information Manager Learning Center

By default, a project is created when you start the Field Information Manager for the first time after a fresh installation. A Field Information Manager project saves all datasets and manually scanned topology information. The Device Catalog with Device Packages, Fimlets and EDD files, is used by all projects that are available on the Field Information Manager client, but is also saved in the project file (.fimprj) as soon as a project is exported.

With a Field Information Manager project you can:

  • Continue the work on a project at a later time
  • Switch between projects if you are working on several systems with the same FIM computer client
  • Share the project with others by import and export to file

The Field Information Manager project management is available via Projects Tools Menu.

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Create, save or delete a project

The project management view contains buttons for creating, saving or deleting a project.

  • ADD NEW PROJECT - Using this button will create a fresh new project
  • OPEN THE SELECTED PROJECT - For selecting another project please select the project from the grid first, and then accept with this button
  • DELETE THE SELECTED PROJECT - For deleting a project please select the project from the grid first, and then accept with this button
  • SAVE AS NEW PROJECT - You can save the currently used project as a new project with new project name. This new project contains all the content of the source project.
  • IMPORT PROJECT FROM FILE - Use this button for importing a project file. You can also drag & drop of the project file into the Field Information Manager fram for importing.
  • EXPORT THE SELECTED PROJECT AS FILE - Use this button for exporting the selected project as a project file to disk.

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